Cultivation Lighting

Reduce Risks with Proper Lighting

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lightbulbs are commonly used in cannabis cultivation. Unfortunately, these bulbs are prone to sudden failure if not meticulously maintained, causing around 80% of fire claims at cannabis cultivation sites.

Ideal Cultivation Lighting Risk Mitigation

Our best advice for cannabis cultivators is to switch to safer, modern LED lighting. Compared to HID bulbs, LEDs may last 10x longer with only a fraction of the associated maintenance and electricity costs.

However, if HID lights are present, QuadScore recommends the below tips to help protect your cultivation operation.

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HID Lighting Risk Mitigation Measures

  • Use steel or molded fiberglass cultivation trays & equipment instead of plastics
  • Install protective bulb covers or shields to limit damage potential of bulb explosions
  • Ensure that the bulb, ballast, and fixture are compatible.
  • Check that supply voltage matches bulb/fixture rating.
  • Confirm that the HID fixture is FM Global approved and meets the ANSI/UL 1598 safety standard.
  • Ensure that smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are functional inside all cultivation rooms.
  • Disconnect power to lighting fixtures before performing any maintenance or replacement activity.
  • Only handle bulbs while wearing protective gloves.
  • Never touch bulbs/fixtures while the light is on.
  • Allow lamps to cool before handling after usage.
  • Mandate bulb replacement at end of manufacturer’s warranty (typically 1 year max)
  • Contract with an electrician for monthly inspections & replacements of HID bulbs
  • Avoid spraying bulbs with water or chemicals.
  • Clean bulbs after each harvest with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Discontinue the use of a fixture if the power cord or bulb is damaged in any way.
  • Do not expose the fixture to condensing humidity, heavy mist, or direct spray.
  • Do not expose the bulb to direct sunlight or other heat sources that could affect performance.
  • Perform regular visual inspections of lighting fixtures to detect defects and replace as needed.

Types of Cultivation Lighting

First Generation - Incandescent

Second Generation - Fluorescent

Third Generation - High Intensity Discharge (HID), including:

High Pressure Sodium (HPS)
Metal Halide (MH)
Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)

Fourth Generation - Light Emitting Diode (LED)


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