Manufacturing & Extraction Safety

Taking Extra Precautions Towards Extraction

Manufacturing & Extraction Risk Mitigation Measures

The volatile nature of extraction requires extra caution around fire protection.

The number one recommendation for manufacturing operations is to obtain a GMP certification to ensure that your facility is up to snuff with current Good Manufacturing Practices. GMPs help ensure that your facility creates a consistent, quality product based on certain standards and procedures.

By becoming GMP certified, a company signals excellence in their production processes and demonstrates care for the end consumer of their products.

For personnel safety: Restrict access to vault room, volatile extraction rooms, and other sensitive areas of facility.

  • All extraction work carried out in Class 1 D1 Room
  • Explosion proof electrical
  • Automatic exhaust ventilation system
  • Solvents stored in a fire resistant cabinet
  • Automatic gas detection system in place
  • Grounded and bonded equipment in all C1D1/C1D2 environments

Consider an extraction operation inspection to assess the safety of your facility and employees. The information gathered allows you to better understand anticipated losses and offer appropriate risk mitigation recommendations to limit loss potential.

Extraction Safety Success Stories

AZ - $17.8M TIV, 64K Sq. Ft. Vertically Operated Facility

Hazards identified and addressed:

  • Identified usage of faulty ethanol extraction equipment from Capna Fabrication
  • Unsecured storage of volatile solvents in front of electrical panels

MI - $23.6M TIV, 90K Sq. Ft. Cultivation/Extraction Facility

Hazards identified and addressed:

  • Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) of volatile solvents far exceeded for rated building occupancy
  • Heptane and ethanol stored outside of fire-resistant storage cabinet
  • No exhaust ventilation or gas detection in extraction room

CA - $23.1M TIV, 45K Sq. Ft. Cultivation/Extraction Facility

Hazards identified and addressed:

  • Maximum Allowable Quantities of flammable solvents far exceeded
  • No exhaust ventilation, gas detection, or emergency lighting in extraction room


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