QuadScore Risk Services

From theft and looting to wildfires, cannabis companies face a different set of perils than most businesses.

QuadScore has founded the country’s premier cannabis risk consultancy to combat these perils.

Learn how to protect your business from the unexpected today!

Security for Cash & Cannabis

It’s an open secret that cannabis businesses have valuable stores of cash and cannabis on hand, making the cannabis industry a target for brazen burglars.

QuadScore Risk Services provides recommendations regarding various risk mitigation tactics that have demonstrated positive results in the recovery of stolen assets and loss reduction.

By engaging our clients with this security advice, QuadScore can: 

  • Improve the safety profile of your business
  • Provide a holistic risk management solution paired with best-in-class insurance
  • Recover stolen assets quickly and quietly while protecting your front-line employees

Contractual Risk Transfer Strategy

Contractual risk transfer is a critical risk management tool. Proper application in the cannabis space requires knowledge of the industry, law, and insurance. Our team of experts will work in coordination with your legal team to implement strategies that appropriately transfer risk.

  • Lease review
  • Vendor agreement review
  • Examine vendor insurance requirements

We can evaluate your bargaining position and help negotiate preferred risk transfers within these agreements. Appropriate risk transfer is of paramount importance in protecting one’s operations from the potential oversights of a business partner.

Automotive Risk Services

QuadScore Risk Services appreciates the need to protect your most valuable assets on the road. That’s why we have invested in researching telematics, AI, and dash-cam solutions to mitigate automotive risk.

These advanced devices can capture and address safety risks in real-time. Your fleet manager will have a bird’s eye view of all operations, and your drivers will receive instant feedback when unsafe driving habits are detected. 

With advanced AI and dashcams, you can be protected against:

  • Fraudulent claims
  • Distracted driving
  • Third-party theft/violence

Analysis of Operations & Security

With modern cannabis companies investing millions of dollars into their property, equipment, and other physical assets, it is of paramount importance these investments are protected.

  • Asset evaluation & qualification
  • Fire suppression system evaluation
  • Non-invasive drone surveys of large buildings

Review and compare your schedule of values with your accounting documentation to determine if all locations are accurately reflected in your insurance policy schedule of values. We actively inspect our clients’ locations to ensure that even the fastest-growing companies are aware of potential hazards within their operations.

QuadScore Risk Services

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