Take the Correct Measures

With high values of stock and cash on site, theft is a constant concern for the cannabis industry. Cannabis operators want to keep their facilities, product, and personnel safe, but it can be tough to stay up to date with the latest security technology. Let an expert take that off your plate.

Security Assessments & Services

We recommend coordinating a site visit as soon as possible, whether your in the build-out phase or years into operating your business. Consider these benefits:

Build-Outs - Receive help with:

- Bids
- Design
- Project management
- Security plans & SOPs
- State, city, and municipal license applications

On-site risk assessments:

- Identify external and internal threats
- Operational analysis
- Security recommendations
- Insight on the latest technology (and what you should be paying for it)

In-person training

business meeting with 2 woman discussing cannabis safety measuers

Security Risk Mitigation Measures

Safes and vaults are the target of theft and should receive extra attention when it comes to prevention. Make sure that your vault is:

  • Locked at all times
  • Located in the interior of the building
  • Access to the vault/safe is restricted to only those employees involved in the manufacture or sale of cannabis stock
  • Access is restricted by combination lock or code, key card, or similar security restriction
  • A minimum Fire Class Rating of Class 350 – 1 hour as certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • A minimum Tool Resistant (TL) rating of TL-30×6 as certified by UL
  • Safes that weigh less than 800 lbs should be bolted to the ground for additional security
  • The vault should be built into the structure with no vault wall forming or being adjacent to the exterior of the building and no vault wall containing a window
  • Vault walls and ceilings should be of concrete, concrete masonry, or cinder block construction
  • Vault doors should have a UL listing of Class M or better
    Modular vault panels, if present, should have a UL listing of Class M or better
  • Video surveillance located in both the interior and exterior of the vault room and all video recordings are backed up for at least 30 days
  • Vault door connected to and monitored by central station alarm

Theft occurs, even for those who do all that they can to deter burglars. That is why we recommend installing tracking devices for your vaults, stock and cash.

Custom trackers that blend in with your product or cash and result in:

  • Employee safety – Get burglars off your premises as quickly as possible by giving them what they want. Don’t resist and allow the situation to become violent!
  • Tracking of assets – the tech we use directly updates the police on the whereabouts of stolen goods
  • Higher chance of recovery of stolen property.


GPS Tracker Success Story

Three gang members conducted the armed robbery of a cannabis dispensary in March of 2022. They fled from the neighborhood, speeding at nearly 100 mph through residential neighborhoods in Seattle, unaware that they’d stolen a cash tracker along with cash and cannabis products.

After police intercepted the criminals, over $30,000 in cash and cannabis products were returned to the dispensary. All three serial criminals are off the streets.


What Our Clients Say

“QuadScore has been a valuable partner for our firm. Considering the ever changing cannabis marketplace, QuadScore has been at the forefront of devising coverage solutions in some of the hardest areas we write in. With creative underwriting and hands on risk management, we have been able to provide first in class protection to our insureds.”

- Appointed Cannabis Insurance Broker

“QuadScore is an amazing partner. Many carriers in the cannabis industry rely on the limited competition in the space rather than actively seeking to serve their broker partners. That is not the case with QuadScore – I feel like we are both in it to win it and will do whatever is necessary to help our clients. Service is outstanding, endorsements within a day vs months with other carriers/programs and rush quotes are taken seriously and executed. Not to mention their forms are some of the best in the industry!”

- Appointed Cannabis Insurance Broker


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